Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Apricot (250g)

Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Apricot (250g)
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Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Apricot (250g)

We sell only Genuine Al Fakher at We are constantly supplying our stock of Al Fakher, so you are ensured freshness every time. Each box labeled with it's production date, so you are guarantied the most flavorful of hookah smoke.



About Us

We manufacture our own hookahs. We are not the usual seller which buy from the market whatever is available and sell it to costumers. We take our business seriously. We receive recommendations from our costumers for improvements of our quality.
We have a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers which we would like to share with you.

Hookah Tricks

The Bubble:
This is really cool hookah trick that is easy to do. You will need a funnel and a bowl of solution that will create solid bubbles. Place the funnel into your solution and let it sit at the top for about 10 seconds. Take a deep hit of your hookah making sure to keep all of the smoke in your mouth. After this, pick up the funnel and blow the smoke into it. As you start blowing the smoke into the funnel you will notice your bubble beginning to form. The amount of smoke you blow into the bubble will control how big it gets. When you are satisfied with the size of your bubble, slightly flick the funnel upwards to release the bubble into the air!



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Product Code AL-FakherApricot250g
Weight 1.000Lb

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