Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Cardamom (50g)

Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Cardamom (50g)
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Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Cardamom (50g)


 AL-fakher is used primarily by experienced Hookah users because of its smooth and unique smoking experience.

Hookah Tips

   1. Place ice in your base water for cool and fresh puffs
   2. If you have experience coughing or shortness of breath during your smoking session, you should pick the charcoals off the bowl to let the bowl and tobacco cool. In the meantime, blow the dense air out of the glass base using the air release marble. After a short period, put the charcoal back on the bowl and go on smoking.
   3. Puff the tube at regular intervals to release the high density air from the glass base using the air releasing valve to enhance your smoking experience. If the air is not discharged from the air release valve, although you puffed from the tube, unscrew the valve from right to left and clean the small marble and its hose. Reconnect after cleaning and drying.
   4. The average smoking time for your water pipe is around 45 min (it may vary by size of the tobacco bowl)
   5. Blow into the hose gently to clear stale smoke.
   6. You can put several things in the water to improve the taste or the amount of smoke the hookah produces. Milk will make the smoke thicker in the cost of having to wash the different components carefully after smoking. Mint leaves or slices of lemon will improve the taste of the smoke
   7. Mix tobacco with a little bit of the same flavored juice to enhance its flavor
   8. Keep your tobacco in airtight pots after you open the original package.
   9. You should smoke your water pipe with your friends so that you can have a pleasant chat.
  10. You should wash the glass base, hose and bowl.

How to smoke a hookah

Once you have your hookah there are two main types of coals, Quick Light and Natural. The quick light coals are convenient when you do not want to take 5 minutes getting them red hot. The downside is that by review, the quick lights can make the smoke session not as enjoyable as the natural coals. The natural coals do take longer to light but provide a cleaner, less chemical smoke. I would recommend purchasing natural coals, and two brands that are very good are Exotica and Coconara. The Exotica coals come in finger sticks, which can sometimes be inconvenient when breaking it up into cubes. The Coconara coals come precut into cubes, which is very nice.

When you can, make sure to order a Phunnel Bowl for your hookah. This special bowl holds the juices and flavor of the shisha instead of it leaking down the pipe and into the water. It makes smoking sessions and taste last longer.


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