Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Chocolate (50g)

Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Chocolate (50g)
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Al-Fakher Flavored Shisha Chocolate (50g)



Al Fakher is a consistently Best brand that smokes nice and thick. Choclate is a nice change from the light fruit flavors.


Hookah History

The Hookah's origin traces back to India. It surfaced in the form we know it as today around the 15th Century when Indian Glass manufacturing began as a result of the exporting of glass to India through the British East India Company. The glass base was called Shisha. Its mystique spread to Iran where special strong, flavorless tobacco was used with it called "Ajami". It rose to fame under the Ottoman Empire's rule around the time of Murat V in 1623-1640. The sultans of the age took portraits with their Nargiles and it became a status symbol of the time. It was smoked after royal dinners and at diplomatic meetings.

How To Smoke A Hookah

If you will be the main person smoking and very rarely have 2 or 3 people smoking the hookah, then a single hose hookah is a good choice. Some of the hookahs are more transportable than others. Some hookahs have the stem, which is the longest piece of the hookah, will break down into 3 or 4 pieces. There are choices of material for the vase, which holds the water. There is glass and acrylic, and acrylic is the more durable of the two.





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