Black khalil mamoon hookah long hookah

Black khalil mamoon hookah long hookah


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Khalil Mamoon is one of the most famous and notable hookah manufacturers in Egypt. The hookah consists of a dual tone Khalil Mamoon stem along with traditional Egyptian glass and hose. This hookah is named after the heart-shaped motif in the middle of the stem.

  • Strong stainless steel dual tone stem
  • Sand blasted glass base with Egyptian designs
  • Khalil Mamoon stamp on the stem
  • Includes Syrian style hose
  • Authentic hand-made finish


Hookah History

some hookah fects The nargile (Hookah,huka,hooka) first became popular in the primitive form of a coconut shell in India and it is one of the oldest and most popular traditions in Turkey. There is no discrimination when it comes to smoking the hookah, as men and women equally partake and enjoy its aromatic offering. Before reaching the rest of the world, hookah popularity spread to Iran, widely recognized as the launch pad to global popularity.


Hookah Tips

    *  Always put ice in the water. It enhances the smoke and make it cooler and smoother.
    * This is in the most useful trick. If you don't have ice cubes, simply use cold water.
    * The job of the water in the hookah base is to cool down the smoke, so a cold water would do a better job.




Product Code BLA820
Stock Level 100
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