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A new sensation is on the rise. We have envisioned the perfect shisha tobacco and have been tirelessly working on concocting the best flavors imaginable. As if a magic potion has been brewing, our process is painstakingly slow and distinct. This ensures a highly hypnotic product that puts other shisha tobacco to shame. Unlike other shisha products, not only does our shisha smell good, but it's also coupled with an incredible taste. Smooth, rich and full of flavor. The hypnotic vibe this hookah tobacco will give you can be done by no other. Submit yourself, and experience something out of the ordinary. Guru tobacco will hypnotize you.

Before Guru tobacco was introduced to the public, we had hundreds of people test our product. There were many areas of shisha tobacco that we were concerned about and we worked hard to make sure that Guru tobacco met the highest standards of quality.Flavor was not the only thing that we were concerned about. We also focused on other areas that affect the quality of the tobacco. Ridding of charcoal taste was one area that we were concerned about. Almost all charcoals on the market today leave a bad charcoal taste along with the smoke. This isn't good; and we know that nobody likes this. So we did our best to rid of the nasty charcoal taste. The richness and thickness of the smoke was also a big area of concern. We wanted our tobacco to have thick white clouds of smoke, and we believe we accomplished this task quite well :) Another very important factor that we took into consideration was the harshness in the throat. Many shisha brands are a little too harsh to be enjoyable. Therefore, we wanted Guru smoke to be as smooth as can be. The sweetness and overall flavor of the tobacco was also a big focus of ours. Most importantly, health is a primary focus in the production of our product. Guru tobacco doesn't contain any nasty chemicals that other shisha brands have. No chemical taste. No harshness. No charcoal taste. The sweetest flavor, richest smoke, and one of the healthiest shishas on the market. Guru tobacco has been produced with the utmost of standards.

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