Hookah Guide

Your guide to choosing a quality hookah! Buying a hookah can be just as troubling as buying a car. There are lots of different little features that the average person does not know about. You wouldn't want to get swindled by the used hookah salesman, now wouldn't ya?! So here are some helpful tips to help guide you to that perfect hookah.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Which is better.... One hose, two hose, three hose or four hose hookahs? Why?

A: Generally speaking. One hose hookahs are always better. This is because single hose hookahs generally produce much thicker, richer smoke than its multiple hose counter parts. There are many mechanical flaws in multi-hose hookahs that hinder the quality of smoke in hookahs 2 hoses or more. This isn't an absolute truth, but is the general truth. Narrowness of shafts, ball bearings, and overall design of multi-hose hookahs hinder the quality of smoke and flavor one gets from the hookah. Single hose hookahs are always a better choice.


Hookah Bowl: Standard hookah bowls are designed with the air flow holes at the bottom of the bowl. This is a design flaw because it allows for juices to be dripped into the shaft of the hookah, dirtying it. This also dried out the shisha faster, causing it to lose flavor. And when you lose shisha faster, you lose money. The best bowls are deisgned with the holes not at the bottom of the bowl, but along the circumference. This design levels out your tobacco and allows it to burn slowly while withholding the precious juices that give flavor.


The Shaft: The thicker the shaft, the better. You will definitely get more flavor from your hookah if the shaft is longer and thicker. Bigger is better....... That's what she said ;)


The Vase: The wider the vase the better. This is crucial for safety reasons. Nobody wants their hookah to tip over, and it has happened to everybody at least once. Wider vases lowers the center of gravity, making for a more stable, safer hookah smoking experience. Wider vases also produce more smoke within the vase making it look cooler!


The Hose: Thicker wider hoses are better. This allows for easier inhalation and better flavor from the smoke. Also, one needs to make sure that the hose is washable. You wouldn't want to let grime accumulate inside your hookah hose. It's not a pleasent thought breaching any of that in.


These are some general guidelines.




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